Beef Processing

Ireland is renowned across the world as a premier exporter of beef and beef products. Livestock are raised on green pastures which stretch from coast to coast and the countries disease free status is zealously guarded. Annually Ireland produces close to 500,000 tonnes of beef, with 450,000 tonnes exported to international markets across the globe. Traditional methods of husbandry, a mild climate, fine grasses and expert processing mean that you can taste the difference.

Ashbourne Meat Processors play an integral part in the success and reputation of Irish beef. With a focus on quality and modern processing and cold store facilities, Ashbourne Meats are ideally positioned to deliver the finest cuts of beef to our customers in Ireland and around the world. Our sales team have built trusted and lasting partnerships with distributors in Europe and beyond.

beef processingBeef Cuts

Ashbourne Meats skilled production team will process, trim, pad and pack all cuts to our customers precise specification. See our Beef Cuts page for details.

Beef Offal

Ashbourne Meats have all the beef offals processed to your specification.

See our Beef Offal page for further information.

Carcase Sales

Ashbourne Meats can provide prime Steers, Heifers and Young Bulls in carcase form.

See our Carcase Sales page for details.

Food Service

Ashbourne Meat Processors skilled butchers provide the catering trade, hotel and retail trade with the highest standard of Fillet steaks and Striploin steaks and roasts. We produced the popular Ashbourne/Limousin burger and Ashbourne Meats steak sandwich which was enjoyed at the National Ploughing championships.

See our Food Service page for details.

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