Limousin Society

At Ashbourne Meats we have a very close relationship with the Irish Limousin society.
limousin cattle buyer
Our customers want a high quality end product and we can guarantee this with the Limousin beef. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and so we like to source the best cattle Ireland has to offer. For the Limousin characteristics of high meat yield, low levels of fat and and carcase quality. We choose Limousin.

Every year we run a successful carcase competition attracting the best Limousin stock from around the country. We offer Limousin Meat to any customers who are looking for the tender taste of Limousin. We are looking forward to the International Limousin Congress in August 2016.We pay bonuses for Limousin Stock.

Click here 2018 Competition Details (pdf)

And If you have Limousin stock please contact our Limousin/Ashbourne Meats agent Willie McCormack.

You can also visit the Limousin society website where our weekly price is available.

Carcase Competition 2018

Ashbourne Meats in conjunction with the Limousin Society will run a carcase competition on 8th, 9th and 10th January 2018. Click here to download the image below in Pdf format.

limousin carcase competition

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