Leaders in the Field

The highest quality beef - from farm to fork

A global leader in the supply of Irish beef products

Ashbourne Meat Processors is one of Irelands leading beef processors, exporting premium chilled Irish beef all over Europe and indeed the world since 1985 from cattle sourced locally at our abattoir in Roscrea, Co. Tipperary. The company was established by Jim McMahon and Danny Houlihan in 1985, both of whom worked in Irish Meat Processors as Sales Manager and Factory Manager respectively. The company still remains today managed and controlled by the Houlihan and McMahon families.

Our commitment over the last three decades has seen our business continue to expand, through our dedicated expertise and knowledge passed down from one generation to another.

Growing export markets globally

At Ashbourne Meat Processors, we are proud to supply premium chilled and frozen beef products to leading retailers, manufacturers and distributors throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Sustainability Programme

Our Sustainable plan is integrated throughout our company to focus on reducing environmental impacts and to preserve the rich natural resources which Ireland prides itself on. We have developed our 5 year Sustainability plan with Origin Green Charter and are fully committed to continuous improvement. This in turn enables our business to meet its sustainable goals.

Our Sustainable policy starts right from the farmers where we source our raw material from. We then carry it through in our processes and follow it through until our customer receives our product.

Follow this link to learn more about our Gold Membership.

Ensuring Food Safety

A detailed HACCP system, which is a legal requirement, is in operation and is audited every year to ensure all our procedures are working to eliminate, prevent or minimise risk to food safety. This document is assessed as part of all quality audits.

Absolute trust between customers and ourselves is a core value of this company since its foundation. It is the duty of everyone working for this company to foster this core value, and never betray this trust.

The Highest Standards

Ashbourne Meats are committed to maintaining the highest possible standards across all areas of our business. We constantly assess ourselves in terms of our adherence to these standards & continuously seek to improve & set the bar higher. Many of these standards are set by ourselves but some key areas are independently audited every year to ensure our continued compliance.