Irish beef farmers supply us with the highest quality grass fed livestock.
We reward our loyal farmers with top prices for their stock.


Over the last thirty years we have built up a loyal and consistent group of farmers who are fully dedicated to producing their stock to the highest standard and with the utmost care for us and in turn our customers.

We continue to pay top prices for Steers, Heifers, Cows, Young Bulls and Stock Bulls. We provide payment on the day, Bord Bia Quality Assurances bonuses and also bonuses for Limousin and Angus Stock.

We are committed to rewarding farmers who can supply consistently high yield livestock.

  • We pay Bord Bia Quality Assurances bonuses
  • Bonuses for approved Angus stock
  • Bonuses for approved Limousin stock
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Angus Beef

Ashbourne Meat Processors are delighted to now be working with Angus Beef Ireland to provide certified Angus Beef to all of our valued customers. All our Angus Beef comes from locally sourced Farms in the heart of Ireland. We work with Angus Beef Ireland and their suppliers in order to make our beef fully traceable back to the farmer.

We offer a bonus to selected Angus cattle. Some facts about our Angus beef:

  • Bord Bia approved Angus stock
  • Fully traceable back to the farmer
  • We guarantee the quality of each animal
  • A high quality product from a low carbon foot print

If you are interested in supplying Angus stock to Ashbourne Meats, please contact our procurement agent Willie McCormack.


Limousin Beef

Limousin have characteristics of high meat yield, low levels of fat and excellent carcase quality. At Ashbourne Meats we have a very close relationship with the Irish Limousin Cattle Society and run a yearly Carcase competition in house to encourage the highest standards of Limousin procurement.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our Limousin products therefore we source only the best cattle Ireland has to offer. Limousin cattle can definitely play a role in achieving increased profitability in all livestock sectors.

The Limousin breed is known for some superior meat qualities including:

  • Good marbling quality for great tenderness
  • Can have up to 80% meat yields in some cases
  • Limousin beef is very low in saturated fats

If you are interested in supplying Limousin stock to Ashbourne Meats, please contact our procurement agent Willie McCormack.


Hereford Beef

At Ashbourne Will also produce Hereford Cattle. The combination of the charteristics of the Hereford Breed together with Irelands Green Grass and Climate ensure the Herefored breed lives up to it’s reputation. Please Contact us if you have Hereford to sell or wish to Taste our Hereford Beef.

Key characteristics include:

  • Excellent meat quality
  • Muscular build and weighty animals
  • Naturally marbled meat
  • Cuts are succulent and full of flavour

If you are interested in supplying Hereford stock to Ashbourne Meats, please contact our procurement agent Willie McCormack.