Working in Partnership

Delivering the highest standards

We deliver high-quality animal welfare standards.

Here at Ashbourne Meat Processors we believe that the key to quality begins on the farm therefore we are committed to working in partnership with our many beef farmers across Ireland and also our employees to ensure the delivery of high-quality animal welfare standards.

Our attention to detail is always with the aim of producing the highest quality beef for our customers.

We understand that good animal welfare is what our customers and consumers want. We work with all our livestock hauliers to ensure they are operating to the highest animal welfare standards.

The Highest Standards

We aim to source as many cattle as possible from Bord Bia Quality Assured Farms.

All Ashbourne Meats Lairage staff have received certified animal handling training and are supervised by our Animal Welfare Officer.

The Five Freedoms

Day to day management of our animal welfare policy and its implementation is the responsibility of our Animal Welfare Officer and our Procurement team.

Animals should always be treated and handled in a manner which avoids injury and stress.

The 5 basic needs of our cattle are outlined in the accompanying graphic.